Saturday, February 18, 2012

Freebie Chic

GATO - ~giftie(leggings)~ & ~subscribo notchristmas(top) gift~

LETHAL COUTURE - Free group gift ~Creme Gold Pumps~

REMY - Free ~Citrus Dress~

Not Free:

Skin: JesyLilo
Hair: [E]
Tattoo: Glue Ink

Friday, February 17, 2012


It may not be free, but everything I buy is fairly priced! And I love this outfit so I had to share! =)
Glasses: Marketplace 99L
Dress, Bra, Leather Pants, and Necklace: FA Creations 99L
Boots: Death Row Designs 80L

Happy Shopping!!

Ricielli Freebies

Was browsing the marketplace earlier and came across these gems. :3

Country Chicy Geeky

Dress: Marketplace Here 0L
Necklace & Boots: Subscribo Gift from Tentacio
Piercings: Free Gift In-Store at The :Hebenon Vial:
Glasses: Marketplace Here 2L


Hi Second Lifers, this is Azalea Magic! I used to own and post on the awesome blog Freeverts! Unfortunately, after taking a year long hiatus from SL, I have seemed to misplace any information that could possibly allow me to log into Freeverts!, so I have to start fresh. It is very sad for me, because from the beginning of my journey on SL, I have posted on Freeverts! Have no fear though, I'm trying my hardest to find all the old bloggers and rekindle our bloggyness here! Also, I am going to vow to NOT post things that are posted on EVERY. Other. Blog. Repeatedly. IF you catch my drift =). And as always, if you have any desire to start blogging, just contact me! There is no snobby hazing to go through, or proof that you have excellent photog skills, this is all for fun! I'm glad to be back!